Watchmaker to the french navy since 1854.

One and a half centuries of watch-making tradition at the service of the french navy

Since its creation in 1854, auricoste has been closely linked to the french air force and navy. The company’s history confers on it a unique position in the watch-making world, where beauty and precision are the key words. Its chronographs are considered to be the time-keeping device of choice by watch-making specialists and amateurs throughout the world.


Antwerp 1894 - Paris 1900 - Hanoi 1902 - St-Louis (U.S.A.) 1904 - Liege 1906 - Brussels 1910 - Marseille 1906 - Secorative Arts 1926

Gold medal - Grand Prix
Hors Concours
Member of the jury

Watchmaker to the French Navy

the observatory of the French Bureau of Longitude, the Geographical Service of the French Army and the French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts